BEP 272 – رصف اللغة الإنجليزية لمناقشة استراتيجية الأعمال (1)

BEP 272 - English for Discussing Strategy 1

مرحبًا بك مرة أخرى في Business English Pod للحصول على درس اليوم رصف اللغة الإنجليزية for discussing business strategy.

Look behind any successful business and what will you find? Good strategy and wise planning. Good strategy involves understanding the environment, the market, the customers, and the competition. And good planning means taking all that knowledge and deciding how to compete now and into the future.

في هذا الدرس, we’ll hear how the executives in a food company discuss business strategy. And as they strategize, the speakers will use some useful expressions that we call “collocations.” Learning رصف اللغة الإنجليزية will help you improve your vocabulary and sound more natural. So what exactly is a collocation? حسنا, it’s just a group of words that we commonly use together. فمثلا, we often say “reach a goal.” It sounds natural, because that’s what people say. But what about: “grasp a goal” or “arrive at a goal?” Well, those don’t sound natural because they’re not common combinations or collocations.

As you listen to the discussion, حاول انتقاء بعض هذه التجميعات وسنناقشها لاحقًا في الاستخلاص.

في مربع الحوار, سنسمع آن, جيني, وماكس, executives at a food company called Healthy Organics. The speakers have gone on a weekend retreat to try to create a good strategy for moving their company into the future. They’ll talk about their vision and a strategic plan for growth.

أسئلة الاستماع

1. What does Anne say they have managed to accomplish so far during the retreat?
2. What does Max say is the goal over the next two days?
3. What does Jenny want to figure out first?

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