BEP 48 ADV – 冷拨电话: 处理异议并结束通话

This is the last in our three-part Business English Podcast series on cold calling. 在今天的课程中, you’ll learn how to deal with several typical kinds of objections that a potential customer might raise.

When Steve first asked for an appointment, Linda didn’t agree right away, did she? As you know, it’s normal for even a good prospect to give you one or two negative responses, so it’s important to be ready to deal with these and “turn them around” skillfully.

Today we’ll be listening to the last part of the cold calling dialogue between Linda and Steve. 当你听, pay attention to how Steve turns around Linda’s objections.

一路上, try to answer the following listening questions. The answers will be posted in a few days on the Listening Quiz page.

1. When Steve asks for an appointment, what is Linda’s first response?
2. What is Linda’s second objection?
3. How does Steve deal with Linda’s objections?

BEP 48: 学习笔记.

1 thought on “BEP 48 ADV – 冷拨电话: 处理异议并结束通话”

  1. I just love the materials here! It can almost be called as ‘An idiot’s guide towards Sales English’. If only there could be an ebook summarising all the sales part. 也, it might be a bit out-dated, so it would be perfect if it included more up-to-date situations, e.g. the real recordings of telephone English. But that’s a lot of work.

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