BEP 32 – 会议: 集思广益 & 讨论想法

BEP 32 A – 讨论问题解决方案的英语 (1)
BEP 32 B – 讨论问题解决方案的英语 (2)

在本商务英语播客课程中,我们重新审视在会议和电话会议中用于建议和讨论想法的语言. 我们还将在会议结束时提供有关外交分歧和商定行动要点的进一步语言.

电话会议由吉姆主持,是一种称为“头脑风暴”会议的会议, 由于形式更加宽松,这对于收集和公开讨论想法很有用.

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  1. My English is poor. So i want to develope my skill . This web is very useful for me.Thank you very much. I’ll try to practice its.

  2. Fantastic job guys. I am French and living in the UK, your podcasts are really what I needed. Not only I learn great vocabulary and expressions for work, but also business tips, I really like the blend of both. Keep going! I will think about suggestions for future podcasts. 查尔斯

  3. Thanks for excellent podcast series. I shared the podcast with our office in Russia.

    The podcasts on meetings have helped a lot.