BEP 47 ADV – 冷撥電話: 闡明利益並推銷

這是我們關於有用的電話和銷售技巧的三部分商務英語播客課程的第二部分: 冷呼叫.

通過提出深思熟慮的問題並真正傾聽答案,你總是可以讓自己更有說服力. 無論您是在銷售產品還是創意,這條原則都是正確的. 因此,在第二部分中,我們將研究一些關鍵的銷售技巧: strategically clarifying and summarizing your prospect’s concerns and incorporating them into your pitch to make it more persuasive.

BEP 46 ADV – 冷撥電話: 取得良好的開端

Today’s lesson is the first in a three-part Business English Pod series on cold calling, the skill of making unsolicited telephone sales calls. Unsolicited means “not asked for.” So cold calling is the skill of making a sales call to someone who is not expecting you.

Cold calling skills are very useful in many parts of business life. To cold call successfully, you need to be persuasive. And persuasion is fundamental to business success, whether you are trying to convince a customer to buy something or your boss or colleagues to accept your point of view.