BEP 347 – 英語銷售搭配 (部分 2)

BEP 347 - Business English Collocations for Sales 2)

歡迎回到商務英語播客今天的課程 英語搭配 for talking about sales.

銷售量 has never been tougher. In the digital age, competition for people’s attention is fierce. And customers are armed with more knowledge than ever before. 由於這些原因, companies can’t get lazy about their approach to sales. They need to be strategic; they have to find new ways to manage customer relationships, and they need effective ways to track how they’re doing.

在本課中, we’ll listen to a pharmaceutical sales team discuss new strategies to improve and track their performance. 在他們的討論中, you’ll hear a lot of what we call collocations. Collocations are just groups of words that combine naturally. 例如, if you want to say that someone finishes making a sale, you can say that hecloses a sale.Everyone uses that verbclose.Nobody saysshuta sale ordoa sale. The correct collocation isclose a sale.

Native speakers learn and use these collocations naturally. And if you want to improve your vocabulary and sound more fluent, you can learn to use them too. 當您聽對話時, 嘗試挑選一些搭配,我們將在稍後的匯報中討論它們.

在對話方塊中, we’ll listen to a discussion between Fran, 格斯, 和尼克. 在我們的最後一課中, the team discussed the need to improve their company’s sales. Now they’re talking about ways to do that. 在他們的討論中, 他們使用很多 英語搭配 與銷售有關.


1. What does Nick think his colleague Dennis is doing wrong?
2. What does Nick believe is an outdated way of measuring their success?
3. What does Nick believe will happen if they improve their performance metrics?

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