BEP 149 – 在多元文化團隊中工作 (部分 1)

This is the first in a two-part Business English Pod series on working in multicultural teams.

在現今世界裡, it’s common to work with people from different cultures. And since effective business depends on clear communication, it’s important to consider different aspects of culture. Your colleagues may do business differently than you do. 所以, knowing more about intercultural communication can help your work go more smoothly and avoid any misunderstandings.

在這一集, we’ll go over some points to consider for working in a multicultural team. We’ll look at general business culture, specific business customs, levels of formality, and local cultural awareness. And since food is often served in business settings, we’ll talk about that, too.

We’ll be listening to, a manager at a biotechnology company based in the United States. Although Ming is originally from China, he has worked for many years at the head office in New York and is now heading to Brazil to manage a team of international researchers. 在這一集, Ming is preparing for his trip by talking to a colleague, Tanya, who lived and worked in Brazil for 3 年份.


1. What has Ming heard about Curitiba?
2. What does Tanya say about relationships in Brazil?
3. What honorary title does Ming ask about?

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  2. I believe each episode should be full of hard work of all the stuff. I’ve kept listen to this web for almost a year, but I’ve never never get bored. Each clip is with great accent and practical language skills.

  3. I love business english pod

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