BEP 117 – 談判: 澄清和評估職位

In this Business English Pod lesson we’re going to look at how to clarify and evaluate positions during a negotiation.

An important part of any discussion is making our position clear; at the same time, we must make sure we understand the other side’s point of view. Achieving mutual understanding can help us save money by avoiding missed opportunities. 此外, the ultimate goal of any negotiation is to create value. 所以, evaluationdetermining whether an offer or position is good or badplays an important role. So in this show we’ll study stating, 澄清, and evaluating positions.

Peter is the owner of mobile phone ringtone and game provider, 文字化的. He is attempting to roll up, or buy, other small companies like his in an effort to increase the value of his company. 最終, he wants to sell his business to a larger, regional service provider for a profit. 在聆聽中, he is meeting with Maxine, owner of Gamester, to discuss a possible merger. 當你聽, pay attention to how they clarify and evaluate each other’s positions.


1) What is the basic source of disagreement between Maxine and Peter?
2) What are Maxine’s reasons for insisting on her price?
3) What does Peter mean when he says he has donemonths of due diligence?”

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