BEP 53 – 客戶服務: 處理投訴 1: 移情

良好的客戶服務對於任何行業的成功至關重要, 但這在服務和酒店業尤其重要. “款待” 意味著善待客人; 和這裡, 我們專門討論飯店. 因為服務對於酒店業至關重要, 飯店是尋找優質服務實務的好地方.

所以今天我們將監聽 Majestic 飯店一位憤怒的顧客打來的電話, 上海某五星級飯店. 透過聆聽服務實踐的壞例子和好例子, 我們將學習對任何行業都有用的技能, 無論您面對的是內部還是外部客戶.

我們會發現,處理憤怒的顧客的一個非常重要的部分就是表現出同理心: 同理心與同情心相似 – 這意味著表明您了解客戶的痛苦.


1) 客戶如何, 史蒂夫, 了解服務人員的姓名?
2) 史蒂夫的問題是什麼?
3) 珍娜如何更好地處理投訴?

1) 當史蒂夫說, “我已經束手無策了,” 他什麼意思?
2) 桑迪做了什麼讓史蒂夫冷靜下來?

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8 關於「BEP」的思考 53 – 客戶服務: 處理投訴 1: 移情”

  1. These are very good examples, I understand the style, calm voice and showing concern are the main keys, but listening actively is very important

  2. Good points Moctar. The added bonus is that neither require advanced language skills, just a little practice and awareness of the techniques.

  3. They are useful Tips for a good customer service which we need to deal with difficult customers as well as with difficult coworkers,”Listening actively is very helpful to solve any dispute or misunderstanding”.

  4. 回撥: Business English Podcasts | Oral Business English

  5. ITs good to review the strategy of handling customer complaints. 是的, empathy is very important and the first line of defence….People do tend to relax a little once you show them you understand and that you care….two very important points.

    A good review!


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