BEP 21 – Telefonando: Abrindo ligações e recebendo mensagens

Uma nova versão desta lição está disponível aqui: BEP 21 A – Habilidades telefônicas: Iniciando uma chamada

This is an intermediate level Business English Podcast on making telephone calls in English. Some of the key language phrases we cover in this episode are: identificando-se e ao chamador, declarando o propósito da sua ligação e deixando uma mensagem.

These telephone calls are about a contract between a large aircraft company and one of its suppliers, also known as a subcontractor. The contracts department from the client is calling to ask about a proposal it is expecting from the supplier for a new contract. O tempo é muito curto para que todas as propostas sejam recebidas, e até agora, a empresa aérea não recebeu nada deste fornecedor.

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BEP 15 – Telefonando: Lidando com um problema

*Update: A new version of BEP 15 is available here. The new version includes a new recording of the explanations and greatly improved audio for the dialog and examples.

Problems, and more problems. Sometimes business seems to be all about dealing with problems. And when dealing with problems in a second language over the telephone, we need to be especially careful in our discussions, since we cannot see the reactions of the other party.

In today’s Business English Podcast we’ll listen to business people discussing a delivery problem over the phone. Então, we’ll review the language that is used to establish relationships, discutir o problema e chegar a um acordo sobre uma solução.

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