BEP 69 – 전화 영어: 메시지 남기기

This lesson has been updated in anew series: BEP 69A Redux & BEP 69B Redux.

사람들은 바쁘다. When you telephone people, they often aren’t there to take your call, so you need to leave a message. And almost everyone has to answer the telephone and take a message sometimes. Doing so professionally leaves a good impression on your customers, colleagues and boss.

Today we will hear a bad example and a good example of taking and leaving a telephone message.

Justin Thomas is with Trivesco, a major shipyard, or maker of ships. He is calling Sylvie Peterson at Daneline, a shipping company. Sylvie is a sales and purchase (S&P) 브로커. A broker is a middleman or negotiator. Sylvie specializes in negotiating the purchase of “newbuildings” or newly built ships. Amy, 접수 원, answers the phone.

듣기 질문

나쁜 예
1) Does Amy answer the phone professionally?
2) Is Justin prepared?

좋은 예
1) How does Amy answer the phone?
2) What is Mark calling about?
3) How does Amy make sure that she has got Mark’s correct phone number?

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