BEP 120 – 電話をかける: お問い合わせへの対応

このレッスンでは 電話スキル, 注文の配送に関する問い合わせの処理方法を確認します.

注文が時間通りに行われ配達されることを確認することは、国際ビジネスの重要な部分です, モニタリングの多くは電話で行われます. そう, このエピソードでは、電話で注文の進捗状況を確認する方法を見ていきます.


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33 thoughts on “BEP 120 – 電話をかける: お問い合わせへの対応”

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  3. It looks like everything is on trackcould be interpreted as “番号, you’re mistaken, there is no glitch

  4. @Niclas
    はい, you could interpret it this way if you used the phrase to respond to someone who is questioning whether a shipment will arrive according to schedule. しかしながら, the meaning ofon trackis always: progressing according to schedule.

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  9. Mohammad Abdul Awal

    Very essential, useful and helpful directives and notes to handle problems, facing harsh reality at works. I benifited profoundly. I’d like to thank the whole BEP team.

  10. @Mohammad Thank you! We appreciate your kind words. はい, thoseharsh realitiesdo come up sometimes. It’s good to be prepared!

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  12. Very good, but the podcasts are in a big side (16 MB? My net is very slow and if it were an 6MB- size I could download this. Thanks anyway. Your site is very useful.

  13. @Ahamd, you can find a download link for the video or MP3 at the very bottom of each lesson page (right-click to save/download).

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