BEP 353 – ビジネス英語コーチング 2: 目標を設定する

BEP 353 - Business English for Coaching 2: 目標を設定する

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on setting goals during a コーチング セッション.

You’ve probably heard that an important part of コーチング is listening and showing empathy. A good coach tries hard to understand the person he or she is trying to coach. That helps build trust, which creates a constructive relationship. But what is that relationship for? What kind of work does that trust allow?

Once you build a good relationship as a coach, then you can start talking about improvements. 結局, coaches don’t exist just to hear about people’s problems. Their whole purpose is to help people get better. And a big part of getting better is setting goals, which is something a good coach can help with.

So how do we work with someone on their goals? 上手, that might start with asking about their motivation. 結局, goals have to be directed at something. If someone’s motivated by the idea of getting a promotion, then the goals have to relate to that. And that underlines the fact that they are the other person’s goals. We don’t set goals for them. We ask them about their goals. Then we can help them break their goals into smaller objectives.

もちろん, another important role of a coach is to give encouragement. So when we help someone set goals, we are in a good position to show confidence in their ability to meet them. そして最後に, we might ask them about their next steps. あれは, what are the concrete activities that the person will take as she tries to accomplish her goals?

今日の対話で, we’ll rejoin two lawyers: マリオンとレイチェル. Marion has been coaching Rachel as she learns how to be a better lawyer. 前のレッスンで, we heard Marion trying to figure out Rachel’s challenges. Now we’ll hear her help Rachel set some goals.


1. 会話の始めにマリオンはレイチェルに何を尋ねますか?
2. レイチェルは自分のためにどのような短期的な目的を特定しますか?
3. What does Marion say she is “sure aboutand has “no doubt about?”

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