BEP 216 – 英語での社内面接 (1)

BEP 216 レッスン - 就職の面接英語: 転職 (1)

今日の社内レッスンでは、ビジネス英語ポッドにようこそ。 英語での就職の面接.

あなたはすでに面接の経験があります. You know the kinds of questions that are typically asked, and you’ve rehearsed your answers to those kinds of questions. But this is different. In an internal 英語でのインタビュー, chances are you’re talking with someone you already know. And you’re talking about experiences they already know about. They know you too. That can make it more comfortable in some ways. You don’t have to break the ice and you probably understand the company’s priorities. But it can be more uncomfortable in other ways. You might not have talked in this way with these people before. And you won’t be able to exaggerate anything.

これらの理由により, you might need some different techniques. You need to use your knowledge of the company and your experience as an advantage. But at the same time, you have to watch your language and maintain a very high level of professionalism.

We’ll be looking at some of these techniques in today’s lesson. We’ll cover how to give an example of a positive change you’ve made, as well as how to accept responsibility for mistakes. We’ll also learn how we can differentiate ourselves from external candidates, identify problems and solutions, and show a commitment to professional development.

ダイアログで, we’ll hear Graham interviewing for a managerial position with a software company. He’s being interviewed by Seth and Michelle. You’ll notice right away that it sounds a bit different than a standard interview at a new company. Seth and Michelle have firsthand knowledge of what Graham has done and how he works.


1. グラハムは会社にどのような前向きな変化をもたらしましたか?
2. グラハムは、彼が専門的に開発することにコミットしていることをどのように示していますか?
3. グラハムは、他の候補者が理解できないかもしれない会社について何を理解していますか?

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