CT 05 – INGを使用した意味動詞

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チョークン’ トーク 探検する英語のビデオレッスンの新しいシリーズです 高度な英語文法トピック.

このレッスンでは, ブライアンは 感覚動詞 (聞く, 感じる, 聴く, 見る, 見る, におい, 味, 感覚) で使用できます -ing フォーム.

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  1. Great teacher.
    Scuse me, I’m trying to download the videos (I have 3 codecs, MPClassic and VLC), but it’s not working at all!
    I have the icone of Adobe flash player, even after clicking in INSTALL nothing happen! There is someone who could help me out there? I will be very grateful!

  2. My computer runs through Windows Vista and Media Player.
    Could you suggest any converter into mp4 for videos?

    Thanks a lot

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