VV 08 – プロジェクト管理語彙 (一部 2)


ビデオ語彙 毎日のビジネス会話の一部であるトピックの多くに関連する重要なビジネス用語の意味を説明する一連の短いビデオです.

私達は私達の調査を続けます プロジェクト管理に関連する語彙 プロジェクトのタイムラインを説明するために使用される単語を見て. 最初にトピックを紹介する短い記事を聞き、次にいくつかの例文を使って各単語を詳細に調べ、単語の使用方法を示します. ビデオの最後に、新しい語彙の練習を復習する機会があります.

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7 thoughts on “VV 08 – プロジェクト管理語彙 (一部 2)”

  1. Nice,

    Videos explaining Project Management terms. It seems there was a lot of work put in these videos to make them this professional (I can hear at least 3 personsvoices).

    Take a look at the Project Management Dictionary for the definition of nearly all Project Management terms.

  2. it is great. The downside of it is that there is not an Ipod downloadable version of it as you made for the earlier version (n.1). I tried to download it but Ipod does not allow it so I cannot have a dedicated section of the P.M terms to listen to. Can you maybe make an audio MP3 as part one? Thanks and keep on this way. I am listenting to you constantly. ありがとう.

  3. Typos fixed Diana, thanks for pointing this out ;)

    Marco, you’ll be able to download an MP3 version for VV 08 from the Learning Center pages later this week. You can use iTunes ‘playlistfeature to quickly make a dedicated list of all the podcast (or which ones you choose) related to projects.

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