الناتج المحلي الإجمالي 03 مفردات الأعمال – مدير مكتب

Today’s podcast continues our series on business vocabulary, with a special focus on collocations or word partnerships. By focusing on words that are commonly used together you can improve your vocabulary and also your ability to understand your English-speaking colleagues.

عندما تفكر في “office administration”, what are the first things that come to mind? They might be things like paperwork, الايداع, copying, and other boring and repetitive tasks. Most people probably don’t think of an office manager’s job as a crucial service that supports the successful running of a company and, لذلك, its ability to make money.

حسنًا, today we’re about to meet Thomas, who’s going to tell us about the role he plays as office manager at the Mexican subsidiary of a multinational chemical company.

أسئلة الاستماع

1) How does Thomas summarize his role as Office Manager?
2) What characteristics does Thomas list as important qualities of an office manager?
3) According to Thomas, what is a common misunderstanding about the best way for an office manager to do his job?

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أفضل الممارسات البيئية 97 – الحديث عن الاقتصاد

في هذا الدرس باللغة الإنجليزية للأعمال, سنقوم بدراسة بعض العبارات والمفردات التي يمكنك استخدامها لمناقشة الاقتصاد والقضايا الاقتصادية, بما في ذلك التعبير عن القلق ومطمئنة.

نود أن نعرب عن تعاطفنا ودعمنا للجمهور الصيني فيما يتعلق بالزلزال الأخير في سيتشوان,ونأمل أن يتمكن الناس في منطقة الكارثة من التعافي من الزلزال في أقرب وقت ممكن。

لا يتم إبرام أي صفقة, لا يتم توقيع أي عقد, لا يتم إنجاز أي عمل بين شخصين أو شركتين فقط. كل شيء يحدث على خلفية شبكات العلاقات المحلية, إقليمي, والمقاييس العالمية. تشكل علاقات السعر والإنتاج هذه ما يسمى “الاقتصاد.” الناس الذين يدرسون الاقتصاد – الاقتصاديين – أود أن أشير, على سبيل المثال, أن سعر فول الصويا في البرازيل يمكن أن يؤثر على سعر اللحوم في الصين. لا عجب, ثم, أن النشاط المفضل لرجال الأعمال في كل مكان يتحدث عن الاقتصاد. فقط من خلال فهم البيئة الاقتصادية التي نمارس فيها الأعمال التجارية يمكننا العمل بفعالية في ذلك.

يجري الحوار اليوم في كيندال ماركوس, بائع تجزئة عالمي للملابس والاكسسوارات الراقية. يبيع بائع التجزئة البضائع للعميل النهائي; الإكسسوارات هي أشياء مثل المجوهرات والأحزمة التي تتماشى مع أو “أكسسوارات” ملابس. خلال رحلة إلى شنغهاي, مارتن, نائب رئيس في كندال, يزور توني وو, المدير القطري للصين.

أسئلة الاستماع:

1) لماذا جاء مارتن إلى الصين?
2) هل توني متفائل بشأن التوقعات الاقتصادية, هذا هو المستقبل, في الصين?
3) ما نوع المخاوف التي لدى مارتن?
4) كيف يطمئنه توني?

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الناتج المحلي الإجمالي 02 – الموارد البشرية: مدير التدريب

In the second part of our new ESL podcast series on business vocabulary, we continue with the topic of الموارد البشرية (الموارد البشرية) by looking at useful language and collocations to describe the role and responsibilities of a training manager.

In this fast-changing global world, everything is moving. To make a successful business, it’s not enough just to follow yesterday’s trend. Companies and people need to constantly acquire new skills to succeed in tomorrow’s marketplace. This means driving new training initiatives to enhance performance. لكن, not all training is equally successful. To ensure training effectiveness, it’s important to track results and to have standard criteria for measuring outcomes.

في هذا البودكاست, we’ll listen to Andrea, a training manager, describing her function and responsibilities. Afterwards, we’ll study some key vocabulary. Then we’ll practice what we’ve learned.

أسئلة الاستماع

1) What kind of training programs does Andrea run?
2) Does Andrea work with vendors? What for?
3) What do the five letters in SMART stand for?

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الناتج المحلي الإجمالي 01 – الموارد البشرية: مدير الموارد البشرية

Today we’re kicking off a new series of ESL business vocabulary podcasts based on people talking about their jobs. In these episodes, we’ll learn vocabulary and language that are useful across a wide range of different professions and industries.

In this podcast we’ll hear an HR manager, Greg, describe his work and responsibilities. Afterwards, we’ll study some key vocabulary. In particular we’ll be focusing on how words are collocated, or used together. Then we’ll practice what we’ve learned.

When we think about human resource managers, many of us just think of hiring and firing, but actually, as Greg explains, the job involves a lot more than that. HR handles everything from job evaluations to settling disagreements between workers and management.

أسئلة الاستماع

1) What type of employment programs does Greg develop and manage?
2) Are there several HR managers or only one in Greg’s company?
3) Greg says that HR managers play a special role in companies that are unionized. What is this role?

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أفضل الممارسات البيئية 74 – التعابير الإنجليزية: العمل هو الحرب (2)

This is the second in a two-part Business English Pod series on English idioms related to war.

Everywhere you look in business, you will find the language of war: We often thinkand talkabout business competition in terms of attacking and defending, gaining and losing ground.

During the first business ESL podcast in this series, we studied many such war and military related idioms. We learned the meaning oftaking flak,” “reinforcing one’s position,” “laying low,” “making a moveand many others. في هذا البودكاست, we will continue exploring useful war idioms.

The dialog picks up where we left off at the Luminex management meeting. Jane has just explained that they need to thinkstrategically.He explains that this meanslaying low,” by which he means waiting to take action until the economy improves.

كما يمكنك الاستماع, pay attention to the war idioms Jane and her colleagues use. You may not understand them the first time. After you hear the debrief, go back and listen again, then things should be much clearer.

أسئلة الاستماع

1) What does Jane mean when she says their competitor, Meyers, is its own worst enemy?
2) The speakers describe their new strategy as anambushthat willsurroundMeyers. Why do they say this? What is the strategy?

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