VV 13 – الأزمة المالية والانهيار الاقتصادي العالمي

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أخبار اليوم مليئة بقصص عن الأزمة المالية والركود. أدت المشاكل المعقدة الكامنة وراء هذه الأزمة إلى ظهور مفردات جديدة بالكامل. وبالتالي, اليوم سنستكشف اللغة التي كنت تسمعها كل يوم في الأخبار.

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9 thoughts on “VV 13 – الأزمة المالية والانهيار الاقتصادي العالمي”

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  3. Please stop exagerrating things. There is a large economic downturn every 20-25 سنوات. We always bounce bad stronger; look at what happened after the great depression.

    My only worry is it looks like it is getting much worse under Obama. After he took office the stock market dropped much faster and unemployment skyrocketed. Plus we now have the largest debt ever and it just keeps getting bigger under himwe might be in for a hard time.

  4. We have all experienced economic problems in our lifes, so for the whole world to be experiencing it now, should not be a new thing. And please, it is not as if since its Obama that is on the throne that caused the finicial distress. America is one amongst the finicially bouyant countries in the world, so the strategies employed by the Govt should be given a chance. We in africa, and the rest of the world are watching, all we need is time for the plans of Obama to rectify the problem. patience and good advice is what we all need now, to manage the affairs of our prospective countries.

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