BEP 25 – Travel: تسجيل الوصول في المطار وتقديم طلبات مهذبة

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In this two-part بودكاست اللغة الإنجليزية للأعمال مسلسل, we will be looking at the vocabulary used when traveling by air, and proper and polite forms of making and answering requests.

في هذه الحلقة, our traveler Robert is arriving at the airport to fly from Sydney Australia to Nice, France. But he must first fly to Paris, and then fly from Paris to Nice. كما يمكنك الاستماع, pay attention to the phrases used for polite requests.

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  1. Hi Thank`s for your great work.
    I`m from Germany and now i`m able to learn English on my Way to work and other unused Time.
    Many Many Thanks to you. It´s realy great Stuff.

  2. hi please i want to nknow if there is any charge while getting your lessons i am very interessted in your topics but do not know how to get them.

  3. أهلاً,

    I love this website a lot and I am also a premier member.I want to listen Airport check in and making polite request podcast but there is no icon for listening as other podcasts have,I also want a transcript of that.Could you plase help me with this ???
    أطيب التحيات

  4. hi! Thanks for your lessons. i just found this web yesterday and really enjoyed it. But i dont know why i could not find podcast, some online activities and transcript as well as i did yesterday with the topictravel: airport check in and polite requestwould you mind to fix it for me? Thank you very much! I really appreciate your kindness.

  5. @ Tracy
    At this point, there are no online activities for BEP 17 و BEP 26. We only started developing online quizzes beginning with BEP 42. We create quizzes for the older lessons when they are featured in an e-book. We will be releasing a new e-book for travel in the next few months and this will include Flash quizzes for all the featured lessons (including BEP 25 و 26).

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    Really thanks alot for your efforts. Indeed it is a fabulous one. i hope thati can have time to follow up others.
    i am lookinf foward to knowing that we makea chat here in order to make our learning interactiveone .

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