VV 38 – 商务英语词汇: 网络营销 2

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在这 商务英语词汇 课, 我们将研究与搜索引擎营销有关的活动, 或SEM.

公司使用SEO, 或搜索引擎优化, 改善网页的SERP位置. 这涉及诸如链接构建以及页面优化之类的活动。, 广告客户使用关键字吸引搜索引擎. 公认的SEO方法被称为White Hat SEO,而欺骗搜索引擎的尝试被称为Black Hat SEO。.

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VV 37 – 商务英语词汇: 网络营销 1

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在这 视频词汇 课, 我们看与互联网营销有关的英语词汇.

PPC是互联网营销中最常用的方法之一, 或按点击付费广告, 在组织成内容网络的网站上展示广告. 广告由CPC出售, 或每次点击费用, 给广告商, 希望获得较高的点击率, 或点击率. 广告已链接到目标网页, 旨在鼓励访问者进行转化. 评估效果, 广告客户使用分析软件确定每次转化费用, 或单次获得费用.

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BEP 207 – 贸易展览会英语 4: 达成交易

欢迎回到Business English Pod,今天的课程 doing business at a trade show.

If you’ve ever worked or attended a trade show, you know that there are a lot of people and companies competing for attention. And you can stand there all day having casual conversations with people but never make a solid business connection, let alone sign a deal.

That’s why first you have to separate the good prospects from the bad. Then you have to make a connection with the good prospects and find out what they need. If you can manage that, then you’re on your way to closing a deal. And this is what we’ll be looking at today.

Closing a deal at a trade show requires a few essential steps. You need to show a customer that you are listening to them, build trust, and offer good solutions. Then you will be in a good position to ask the person to buy. These are all ideas that we’ll hear in today’s dialog.

We are going to rejoin Jenny, who works for a packing company called D-Pack. She is talking with Andrew, whose company is looking for a redesign of their packaging. Jenny has assessed Andrew’s needs and now wants to make a deal.


1. What concerns does Andrew have?
2. What solution does Jenny offer?
3. What is Andrew’s final decision?

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BEP 206 – 贸易展览会英语 3: 会面

这是我们的商务英语播客系列的第三节课,内容是在 贸易展览会.

贸易展是寻找潜在客户的绝佳机会. 如果你有正确的态度和沟通技巧, 你应该能够做一些销售.

现在, 如果您已设法与强大的潜在客户建立联系,并且该人回来进行第二次约会, 下一步你要怎么做? 你怎么知道你面前有一个真正的买家,而不仅仅是一个四处寻找信息的人? 您不能只是让潜在客户浏览您的目录并向您提问. 你需要负责并确切地找出你在和谁打交道.

提问技巧很关键. 这就是我们今天要关注的. 我们将首先研究如何提出开放式问题. 然后我们将开始询问需求, 购买权, 预算, 和时间表. 如果你能做到这一点, 您将处于实际销售的有利位置.

我们将加入珍妮, 谁在一家名为 D-Pack 的包装公司工作. 她正在与一位名叫 Andrew 的潜在客户坐下来聊聊 D-Pack 的产品. 珍妮会问很多问题来评估安德鲁需要什么以及 D-Pack 如何提供帮助.


1. 安德鲁说他的公司需要什么?
2. 为什么 Jenny 会问 Andrew 是否是采购经理?
3. 安德鲁的公司什么时候需要完成工作?

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BEP 203 – 贸易展览会英语 2: 合格的前景

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on doing business at a trade show.

If you can connect with the right people at a large event like a trade show, you can get a lot of great sales leads and maybe even close some deals. Making these connections is all about your attitude and the way you communicate.

But trade shows come with challenges. One of these difficulties is focusing your time on those good prospects. This means that you need to be able to identify a bad prospect and to make your conversation with him brief. Doing this requires a combination of common sense, a focus on business, and some tact.

Today we will learn how to disengage from a bad prospect. But first, we’ll hear how to engage in small talk, 展示兴趣, and get people to talk as these are all essential steps in determining if a prospect is worth pursuing. …