BVP 02 – 人力资源: 培训经理

In the second part of our new ESL podcast series on business vocabulary, we continue with the topic of 人力资源 (人力资源) by looking at useful language and collocations to describe the role and responsibilities of a training manager.

In this fast-changing global world, everything is moving. To make a successful business, it’s not enough just to follow yesterday’s trend. Companies and people need to constantly acquire new skills to succeed in tomorrow’s marketplace. This means driving new training initiatives to enhance performance. 然而, not all training is equally successful. To ensure training effectiveness, it’s important to track results and to have standard criteria for measuring outcomes.

在这个播客中, we’ll listen to Andrea, a training manager, describing her function and responsibilities. Afterwards, we’ll study some key vocabulary. Then we’ll practice what we’ve learned.


1) What kind of training programs does Andrea run?
2) Does Andrea work with vendors? What for?
3) What do the five letters in SMART stand for?

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BVP 01 – 人力资源: 人力资源经理

Today we’re kicking off a new series of ESL business vocabulary podcasts based on people talking about their jobs. In these episodes, we’ll learn vocabulary and language that are useful across a wide range of different professions and industries.

In this podcast we’ll hear an HR manager, Greg, describe his work and responsibilities. Afterwards, we’ll study some key vocabulary. In particular we’ll be focusing on how words are collocated, or used together. Then we’ll practice what we’ve learned.

When we think about human resource managers, many of us just think of hiring and firing, but actually, as Greg explains, the job involves a lot more than that. HR handles everything from job evaluations to settling disagreements between workers and management.


1) What type of employment programs does Greg develop and manage?
2) Are there several HR managers or only one in Greg’s company?
3) Greg says that HR managers play a special role in companies that are unionized. What is this role?

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BEP 76 – 绩效评估: 设定目标 (2)

这是两部分中的第二部分 商务英语播客 上课 performance appraisals. In the first lesson, we covered giving feedback. 在这个 ESL播客, we will discuss setting goals.

The American poet Carl Sandberg once said, “Nothing happens unless first we dream.To this we can add the words of time management expert Diana Scharf Hunt: “Goals are dreams with deadlines.

To reach our dreams, it’s necessary to set goals. Without goals, there is no change, no development, no success. This is just as true for an individual as it is for an organization. 这就是为什么, along with feedback, goal setting is a very important part of the appraisal process. So in this follow-up podcast on job appraisals, we’ll be focusing on strategies and expressions for setting goals during the appraisal interview. Much of the language we’ll be learning in this lesson is also useful in any meeting where we need to discuss and set targets.

Wendy and Derrick, Wendy’s manager, have already discussed her progress and set goals for the areas of customer satisfaction and job training. As the listening continues, they turn to talking about two important productivity measurements.

Pay attention to the language Derrick uses to structure the conversation and to negotiate and agree goals with Wendy.


1) What are the two important productivity measurements that Derrick discusses with Wendy?
2) How does Derrick feel about Wendy making one-off (那是, special) solutions for each customer?
3) What does Derrick advise Wendy to tell a customer who has not booked enough bandwidth?

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BEP 75 – 绩效评估: 提供反馈 (1)

绩效评估 – 有时称为工作绩效评估或评论 – 是开发员工潜力的有力方法. 这些技能不仅对 人力资源 (人力资源) 专业人士, 但对于负责其他人员的经理或主管.

绩效考核成功, 然而, 必须以结构化的方式进行. 此外, 重要的是要运用技巧和外交来处理评估的两个主要任务 – 提供有效的反馈并设定目标.

因此,这是分为两部分的商务英语播客课程的第一部分,该课程侧重于结构, 绩效考核的技巧和外交. 在这个播客中, 我们将处理提供反馈. 在第二, 我们将处理设定的目标.

本集着重于提供有效的反馈,以创建积极的环境并建立信任. 这些反馈技巧不仅对绩效评估有用, 而且在任何需要对某人的工作发表重要评论的情况下.

温迪是ConStar视频会议呼叫中心的新员工. 她已经在那里工作了大约 10 月, 包括训练, 现在是时候进行她为期六个月的绩效评估了. 德里克, 运营部经理, 将对温迪进行评估.

作为一个 “电视会议协调员” 对于ConStar, Wendy的工作需要使用专用设备来建立和连接Fortune视频会议 500 客户. ConStar的客户在世界各地的多个地方定期举行远程会议. Wendy的工作是在地点之间建立联系,并解决客户致电服务台时遇到的问题.

德里克将给温迪什么样的反馈? 她真的很聪明, 但是她在压力下工作时容易在衣领下变热. 那意味着, 当她感到工作压力时,她会难过. 有时候她发脾气, 和她的同事对此抱怨.


1) 目前,温迪每天要处理多少次会议?
2) Derrick希望向Wendy提供反馈的主要问题是什么?
3) 德里克给温迪提供什么建议来帮助她纠正问题?

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