BEP 38 – 用英语描述程序

In this Business English Podcast lesson we look at how to explain or describe a procedure. We’ll also look at some common computer vocabulary.

In our jobs, we often have to tell people about procedures and processesexplaining how to do something. This can be more formalfor example giving government visitors a demonstration of a production lineor informalfor example showing a colleague how to use the photocopier.

Today’s dialogue is a common situation where describing a procedure is usefulgiving someone help. It takes place at Elektra, a fashion design company. You’ll hear Sandy, an accountant, call Felipe, who works in the IT department. Sandy is having a problem with her computer and Felipe describes to her the procedure for fixing it.

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BEP 35 – 会议: 用英语澄清含义

BEP 34, we talked about clarifying what was said , 例如, “What did you just say? I didn’t catch that.

In today’s 商务英语课, we’ll look at clarifying what was meant, 例如, “What do you mean by that?” 或者 “What I’m trying to say is…” Clarifying the meaning is an important part of all communication because it helps us avoid misunderstanding.

*** 这节课是我们的一部分 商务英语电子书 会议: 会议要点. 高级会员 点击这里下载 完整的电子书.

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BEP 34 – 会议: 澄清所说的话

This is the first in a two-part 商务英语播客 series on clarifying. To clarify means to make clear.

Today we’ll look at phrases and skills for clarifying what was said. For example, “I didn’t quite catch that. Could you say that again?” This is useful when you don’t hear clearly or when someone speaks too fast. 然后, in the second podcast (BEP 35), we’ll be looking at language for clarifying what was meant, for instanceWhat exactly do you mean by that?”

The listening today is from a shipping company. You’ll hear Wim Zeldenhuis and Andre De Vries in Rotterdam call their American colleague Benny McClenahan in Boston.

*** 这节课是我们的一部分 商务英语电子书 会议: 会议要点. 高级会员 点击这里下载 完整的电子书.

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BEP 33 – 英文演讲: 关闭 & 总结

This lesson has been updated – view the improved lesson here.

在今天的商务英语播客课程中, 我们将着眼于总结并总结您的 英文演讲.

就像我们之前提到的 BEP 101 (单击此链接收听播客), 强有力的介绍对让听众有倾听的理由很重要. 相似地, 一个强有力的结论对于给观众留下深刻的印象并给他们清楚的信息说明采取什么行动非常重要。.

So what structure should you use to close down an 英文介绍? 我们建议这种简单的格式:

1. 向听众明确表示您将要完成的信号.
2. 简要总结您的演讲要点.
3. State your recommendation or give your call to actionlet your audience know what you want them to do.
4. 通过感谢您的听众并邀请问题或讨论来结束.

在今天的聆听中,我们将探索这种格式. 聆听在Harper-Tolland进行, 全球主要的特殊用途钢生产商. 去年,Harper-Tolland推出了新产品线,但在欧洲的销售业绩令人失望. 尼古拉斯·菲舍尔, Harper-Tolland的新区域销售总监, 已被雇用来解决问题. 他只是在结束一个正在讨论他的提案的演示文稿.

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BEP 31 – 会议: 接受和拒绝建议

A new updated version of this lesson is available here.

这个 商务英语课 is the second part of a two-part series on making, rejecting and accepting suggestions in English. In the first episode, we looked at how to make suggestions. 在这一集, we’ll cover appropriate ways to reject and accept suggestions in English. Accept means to agree to a suggestion and reject means to disagree.

您会记得, the listening takes place at a sports shoe company called Stratos. You’ll be listening to Karen, a marketing manager, meet with three members of her team, Charles, Sven and Miguel. They are choosing a celebrity spokesperson for a new product.

*** 这节课是我们的一部分 商务英语电子书 会议: 会议要点. 高级会员 点击这里下载 完整的电子书.

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