BEP 101c – 用英语介绍演示

在本商务英语Pod课程中, we’re going to learn how to introduce a 英文演讲.

And if you think this topic sounds familiar, you’re right! This lesson is the start of a new series where we’ll take a fresh look at some of our older lessons. We’re going to keep the original dialog and record new explanations and practices with the aim of making these lessons more accessible to some of our lower level learners.

In the dialog you’re going to hear a presenter named Claude. Claude is presenting ananalysisof sales data. When we talk aboutanalysisor use the verbanalyze”, we’re talking about looking closely at something to understand it. So Claude is looking closely at sales information and explaining what he sees to a group of managers.


1. At the beginning of the presentation, what language does Claude use to sound friendly?
2. What is Claude’s job?
3. What does Claude “hope to” do?
4. What is the “final” part of the presentation going to be?

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