BEP 341 – 商务英语习语: 食物成语 (3)

商务英语播客 341 - English Idioms for Food (3)

Welcome back to Business English Pod for our final lesson on 商务英语习语 related to food.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve looked at a lot of different 英语成语 connected to food. It should be no surprise that so many expressions are related to eating and drinking. 毕竟, we do it three times a day, or more. Food is not just a necessity, it’s a big part of life and culture.

When you’re looking at idioms, it’s important to remember that they are fixed expressions where the words don’t have a literal meaning. So when you hear that someone isin a pickle,” you have to understand that there’s no actual pickle. It just means that someone’s in a difficult situation. You have to figure it out from the context, because there’s not really an obvious connection between pickles and difficult situations.

在本课中, we’ll rejoin a conversation between three colleagues. Jessie has been trying to convince Luke and Ben to join her in starting a business together. 今天, we’ll hear them talking about the possible challenges of running their own business.


1. What example does Ben give of a possibly difficult business situation?
2. What does Jessie say is one important benefit of running your own business?
3. According to Jessie, what is necessary for people to have a good business partnership?

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