BEP 101e – 演讲: 介绍您的演讲

本课程已更新 – 在这里查看改进的课程.

进行简介是我们即将推出的预览 音讯 / 关于演讲技巧和语言的电子书. 在第一章中,我们介绍了如何进行良好的开端以及整个演示文稿的结构. 该录音是我们最早的播客之一的重新编辑和扩展版本 – BEP 101. 该电子书将有9个单元, 包括四个从未发布过的关于描述图表和趋势的课程, 用你的声音并强调你的信息.

发表演讲对您的职业至关重要? 对于我们大多数人, 答案是肯定的. 介绍我们的产品, 成功的故事, 挑战与解决方案 – 这是商务沟通的核心, 经常赚钱或损失钱的地方. 和, 在当今全球化的商业环境中, 我们越来越多地被要求用英语发表演讲.

成功演讲 是全面的学习指南,指导您更流畅地用英语进行演讲所需的语言和技能, 更自信,更成功. 超过3个小时的音频课程可让您随时随地学习, 使用详细的120页学习指南来复习主要语言, 包括每节课的完整成绩单, 并与结束练习有用的短语 100 在线测验.

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  1. 雷吉娜·库兹门科娃

    该网站是一个非常有用的工具,既可以用作商务沟通课程设计的基础,也可以用于规划单独的课程. 除了, 与它一起工作真是太愉快了.



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  5. this is the best website to learn English I have ever found! very useful for guys whose First language is not English and who have to use English everyday in work. help me a lot.

    BTW, the speaker’s English is very clear and beautiful. acctaully , I could not quiet understand my customers well in dialy work because they are from diffrent conutries with diffrent accents, it is difficult for me whose first language is not English. are there materials here associating the diffrent accrents learning?


  6. @Brumaire
    You raise an excellent point. And one that is rapidly growing in importance with the global use of English for business communication. We’ve previously thought about producing lessons with non-native speakers but didn’t pursue the idea as we felt it could distract from the language focus of the lessons (the only BEP podcasts to date that feature a non-native speaker are BEP 25 & 26). But there are other approaches we could use to introduce a wider variety of accents, and it about time we looked at this idea again.

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