BEP 93 – 销售英语: 接受订单

在本商务英语Pod课程中, 我们将重点关注接受订单的语言并讨论标准术语, 比如交货时间, 付款方式, 等等.

聆听带我们回到拉斯维加斯的 Foxtrot 展厅. 你会记得, Foxtrot 是 Viva 的美国经销商, 意大利服装, 或服装, 制造商. 比尔是一家连锁百货商店的采购员, 谁现在决定从 Viva 购买. Foxtrot 代表 Adrianne 和她的 Viva 搭档, 马里奥, 与他讨论比尔的命令.

在我们开始之前, 需要强调的是,这次谈话并不是真正的谈判, 而是交易的大部分内容已经达成一致的情况. 所以, 在这一集中, 我们将学习用于总结典型商业订单术语的词汇,以及用于管理客户与供应商关系的短语, 例如,通过安抚客户建立商誉.


1) 当他说, “我们的交货窗口很窄,” 比尔的意思是什么?
2) 退款一词是指退还全部或部分费用, 或退回, 给买家. 比尔适合什么情况 “严格退款?”
3) 比尔希望什么时候进行第一次交货, 以及为什么?

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2 关于“BEP”的思考 93 – 销售英语: 接受订单”

  1. very good lesson, it’s a pity that the lady in the the listening had a flu: quite sifficult to understand what she said; records should maybe be registred by people with a clear voice. Final result is anyway very good

  2. @ Silvia
    I think you’re referring to the old version of the recording. We redid the dialog back in December and published a new podcast MP3, which you can download from this page (right-click on the ‘downloadlink below the audio player.
    Incidentally, I remember the original recording wellit wasn’t just Christy (the female voice) who had a cold, I think just about everyone in that session was sick! When you publish new lessons every week, you don’t always have the luxury of making everything perfect the first time. BUT we do go back and redo recordings if there’s a serious problem, as was the case with this episode.


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