BEP 58 – 水冷却器: 体育习语 (2)

体育习语 2, 是侧重于非正式对话或闲聊的系列的一部分 – 水冷却器. 我们继续上次离开的地方 BEP 57. 简和珍, 美国大型电信公司Ambient的员工, 正在谈论行业中的最近事件: 口音, 欧洲电信公司, 接管了TelStar, Ambient的美国竞争对手之一.

上次, 詹(Jen)刚刚讨论过,她对TelStar决定打球感到惊讶, 那就是合作, 在Accent的原因是股东 “拖延时间,” 或延迟, 几个月. 扬如何回应?


1) 谁是McConnel,Jan和Jen对他的看法?
2) 詹和扬对雅绅特在美国市场的未来有何评价?

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4 thoughts on “BEP 58 – 水冷却器: 体育习语 (2)”

  1. The practice part is a great idea. Please include more questions and answers in the end of each podcast. Only by using what is just learned is it possible to acquire the language.

  2. I agree entirelypractice makes perfect!
    We’re developing a new type of podcast that will provide more opportunities for practice. 基本上, we’ll take a topic, such as idioms or persuasion, and create a new dialog and practice illustrating how the language can be used in different situations (例如. 一个会议). Listeners will be able to use these ‘practice podsto revise and extend the language covered in the main podcasts.

  3. I just wanted to say that the quality of these podcasts is exceptional. I’ve been using them in my summer school classes and they have been well received. The range of role-plays available makes it easy to provide suitable listening exercises for any business English topic immaginable.

    Do you have any plans to make the online quizzes and exercises available to schools? I think quite a few would be interested.


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