BEP 47 – 冷拨电话: 阐明利益并推销

这是我们关于有用的电话和销售技巧的三部分商务英语播客课程的第二部分: 冷呼叫.

通过提出深思熟虑的问题并真正倾听答案,你总是可以让自己更有说服力. 无论您是在销售产品还是创意,这条原则都是正确的. 因此,在第二部分中,我们将研究一些关键的销售技巧: strategically clarifying and summarizing your prospect’s concerns and incorporating them into your pitch to make it more persuasive.

我们上次停下来的地方, Steve had just introduced his company’s services and asked Linda a needs analysis question. Now lets listen as he clarifies her needs and makes his pitch.


1. What’s the main issue or problem that Linda sees with her current system?
2. What does Steve mean by a “one-stop” service?
3. What does Linda suggest instead of meeting with Steve?

PDF Transcript

Download: Podcast MP3

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