BEP 45 – 社交: 保持对话

这是第二个 两部分中级商务英语播客课程 社交和网络基础知识. 上次您学习了如何适当地开始和结束对话. 今天你将学习如何通过保持兴趣来保持对话的进行.

聆听从对话继续 1 从上次: 您会记得, 它在 Multi-Fresh 亚太人力资源会议上举行, 全球健康饮料生产商. Penny“来自吉隆坡的人力资源官员”已与区域学习和发展经理 George 进行了对话. 我们上次停下来的地方, 佩妮刚刚使用了一个标签问题”-有趣的演讲, 不是吗??” – 帮助开始对话.

当你听, 尝试回答以下问题. 答案将在几天后发布在 听力测验 页.

1) 对话即将开始时, 佩妮改变话题. 什么是旧科目,什么是新科目?
2) 佩妮以前在哪里见过乔治?
3) 乔治的爱好是什么?
4) 当乔治说“这没什么大不了的”时,他的意思是什么?
5) 佩妮会和乔治一起参加明年的活动吗?

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  1. Please send me the transcripts of BEP 45 INT – 社交: Keeping a conversation going and BEP053SN_Complaints1. 非常感谢你.

  2. You can get these transcripts and a whole lot more by signing up as a premium member.

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    Online review exercises will also be added to the site in July. These will feature interactive exercises for listening, language and speaking practice.

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  3. It seems apparent in all things that good manners is at the very basis for dealing with others, whether it be in conversations, handling complaints or just getting along at the office.

    The School system really needs to do more at ensuring our kids have good manners before they graduate as a necessary skill. Its required in the real world



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