BEP 27 – 会议会议: 用英语发表意见

In this intermediate 商务英语课, we look at ways to give and ask for opinions. We’ll be looking at the formal (或小心) language often used in meetings, as well as the more informal (or direct) language used in casual discussions.

This lesson is the first in a regular series of intermediate level podcasts focused on functional Business English language. Each podcasts will introduce and explain how to use a particular type, or function, of language (例如. expressing an opinion, making a suggestion or clarifying information etc.). These podcasts are also designed to support our more challenging advanced level episodes by breaking down the featured language into smaller, more easily understood chunks.

The team wishes all our listeners a successful and rewarding New Year and we look forward to bringing you many more Business English Podcasts in the months to come.

*** 这节课是我们的一部分 商务英语电子书 会议: 会议要点. 高级会员 点击这里下载 完整的电子书.

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Here’s a preview of this lesson in video format from our Business English Kickstart course:

YouTube video

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