BEP 24 – 电话会议: 使用外交语言

本课程已更新了新的解释, 例子和实践。新的教训是 可以在这里找到.


解释的关键语言结构是: 外交语言和使用探究性问题. 我们还介绍了一些用于开始电话会议的有用英语短语, 打断和澄清.

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14 关于“BEP”的思考 24 – 电话会议: 使用外交语言”

  1. I agree. This page is really great. As for this article I hope that the transcript will be published as soon as possible. It is quite useful.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

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  3. 回拨: 商务英语播客 :: The Business English Podcast for Professionals » BEP 70 ADV - 合并: 突发坏消息

  4. 你好呀
    Any chance of the transcript?
    As usual find it timesaving and extremely useful
    Participants enjoy these downloads.

  5. I think that ‘being politeis very important especially in teleconference.
    Using diplomatic language is the best way to make a teleconference successful.



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