BEP 21 – 打电话: 通话和留言

本课程的新版本可在此处获取: BEP 21 A – 电话技巧: 拨打电话

This is an intermediate level Business English Podcast on making telephone calls in English. Some of the key language phrases we cover in this episode are: 识别自己和呼叫者, 说明通话目的并留言.

These telephone calls are about a contract between a large aircraft company and one of its suppliers, also known as a subcontractor. The contracts department from the client is calling to ask about a proposal it is expecting from the supplier for a new contract. 收到所有提案的时间很短, 到目前为止, 飞机公司尚未从该供应商处收到任何东西.

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11 关于“BEP”的思考 21 – 打电话: 通话和留言”

  1. The podcast programs are great for both business English instructors and learners at appropriate levels. Thanks for this kind of global contribution to the network.
    I wonder if I could get transcripts about the podcasts.

  2. I really learnes a lot from these Telephoning calls. How to talk with people in an Professional way, and the new thing I learned that is helpful is the Telephone alphabet.


  3. I really appreciate your help as it ´s rather useful and interesting. I wonder if we can get the tapescript of listenings. 提前致谢.

  4. ESL 商务英语播客

    PDF transcripts (学习笔记) for each podcast are linked to at the bottom of each lesson page.

  5. Can I download to i-pod BEP21 or previous contents? In the current situation, the number of programmes are limited.


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