VideoVocab 002: 經濟 1

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商務英語播客的這一集視頻詞彙介紹 10 與...相關的常用英語單詞 經濟:
調節, 貨幣, 利率, 匯率, 貨幣政策, 中央銀行, 波動, 推測, 通貨膨脹 & 基點.

Video Vocab是常規視頻廣播,收錄有用的商務英語單詞和術語. 您可以使用Video Vocab擴展商務英語詞彙並練習發音. 我們修改了格式,將所有單詞都包含在一個視頻中,以便於下載和使用。, 讓我們知道您的想法.

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商業新聞 02 – 文化意識

今天, more than ever business success requires intercultural awareness and effective cross cultural communication skills.

Working, 會議, dealing, entertaining, negotiating and corresponding with colleagues or clients from different cultures can be full of obstacles. One wrong movement or basic misunderstanding could ruin or delay months of work.

Understanding and appreciating intercultural differences promotes clearer communication, breaks down barriers, builds trust, strengthens relationships, opens business opportunities.

Follow this link for great tips on business etiquette, customs and protocol for doing business worldwide:

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商業新聞 1 – 工作溝通

The first of our regular business English news podcasts for English learners looks at how people communicate at work and the different factors that can affect how communication takes place. The news story is followed by a discussion of the key English vocabulary and an explanation of the meaning of the words in the context of this article.

We suggest that you first listen to the reading and make a note of any words you are not familiar with. Then read a copy of the article and see if you can guess the meaning of the words by looking at how it is used. 最後, listen to the explanation and discussion of the vocabulary and see if you guessed correctly. You can get a transcript of the story in the Archives ‘Transcripts’ 部分

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