BEP 143 – 會議會議: 電話會議英語 (1)

電話會議英語 1

這是兩部分的商務英語Pod系列中的第一篇 電話會議 – 電話會議.

如今, 我們有虛擬團隊在全球範圍內互動 虛擬會議 不用離開辦公室. 電話會議具有許多優勢, 包括最低的差旅和會議費用.

然而, 電話會議確實有挑戰, 特別是因為參與者看不見對方. 這對人們自我介紹很有幫助, 說話時使用他們的名字和同事的名字, 最小化背景噪音, 並緩慢而清晰地說話. 在這兩個情節中, 我們將學習與電話會議相關的詞彙. 我們還將學習以專業和機智的方式處理出現的任何問題的方法.

今天, 我們將聽克雷格(Craig)和艾爾莎(Elsa). Craig是StarCom的新員工, 電腦和打印機製造商. 他剛從大學畢業,需要學習如何進行電話會議, 所以他向艾爾莎求助, 在人力資源部門工作的人.


1) 電話會議需要什麼類型的設備?
2) 密碼的目的是什麼?
3) Elsa提到的在電話會議中經常發生的三個問題是什麼?

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BEP 43 – 會議英語: 管理討論

This is the second in our two-part intermediate 商務英語播客 series on opening and managing 用英語開會. In the first episode, we looked at how to open a meeting. In today’s podcast lesson we’re going to cover how to manage the discussion.

馬丁, the GM of Daneline Singapore, is discussing with his staff how to make up a budget shortfall. He has just asked Sandra to kick off the first item on the agendaoutsourcing the cleaning.

Listening Quiz

1) How much money can Daneline Singapore save by outsourcing cleaning?
2) Does Sam like pizza?
3) Does Dave agree with the strategy of outsourcing cleaning?
4) How does Dave suggest dealing with the brochure redesign?

*** 這節課是我們的一部分 商務英語電子書 會議: 會議要點. 高級會員 點擊這裡下載 完整的電子書.

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BEP 42 – 會議英語: 開會

This is the first in a two-part intermediate 商務英語播客課程 on opening and managing meetings. 在這一集, we’ll look at how to open a meeting. In the second part (BEP 43) we’ll look at language you can use to manage the discussion.

The listening takes place in the Singapore offices of Daneline, an international shipping company. 馬丁, the GM, is chairing a meeting with Sandra, David and Sam to discuss a budget shortfall. Shortfall means their budget has fallen short of expectations. 換一種說法, they don’t have enough money, so they need to make some cuts. To chair a meeting is to lead the meeting. We can say that Martin is the chairperson. So in these two episodes on opening and managing meetings, you’ll be learning language for chairing meetings.

Listening Quiz
1) What is the amount of the budget shortfall?
2) Why doesn’t Sandra have a copy of the agenda?
3) How many possible cuts are under discussion?
4) What is the first item on the agenda?

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BEP 32 ADV – 會議會議: 集思廣益 & 討論想法

In this Business English Podcast lesson we take another look at the language used to suggest and discuss ideas in meetings and teleconferences. We’ll also provide further language for diplomatic disagreement and agreeing action points at the end of the meeting.

The teleconference is run by Jim as a type of meeting called a “Brainstorming” meeting, which is useful for gathering and openly discussing ideas as the format is more relaxed.

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BEP 24 – 電話會議: 使用外交語言

This lesson has been updated with new explanations, examples and practice.The new lessons are available here.

In this Business English Podcast we’re going to listen to a teleconference between the head office management of a US guitar manufacturer and the manager of their new Latin American plant.

Key language structures explained are: diplomatic language and using probing questions. We also introduce some useful English phrases for starting a teleconference meeting, interrupting and clarifying.

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