BEP 270 – 頭腦風暴會議 (部分 1)

頭腦風暴會議商務英語 1

歡迎回到Business English Pod,以獲取今天關於運行 頭腦風暴會議.

頭腦風暴會議可能是產生新想法的好方法, 是否命名新產品, 想辦法削減成本, 或想辦法解決棘手的業務問題. 但是跑步 – 並參加 – 頭腦風暴會議可能是一個挑戰. 團體需要感到舒適和開放, 但仍然保持專注. 每個參與其中的人都需要對自己的建議和回應方式保持外交態度.

幸好, 有一些技巧和語言可以使您更有效地進行頭腦風暴. 今天,我們將介紹一些這種語言. 我們將介紹主持人可用來邀請新想法的語言, 要求澄清, 並限定想法. 我們還將探討參與的有用技術, 例如基於別人的想法並介紹新想法.

在對話方塊中, 我們會聽到幾個在繁忙的商業區的咖啡店工作的人. 這家商店面臨越來越激烈的競爭,他們想集思廣益,吸引新客戶並保持其現有客戶回頭率. 頭腦風暴會議由Sally主持, 誰是商店的經理. 我們還將聽到梅利莎, 諾亞, 和埃里克, 誰是僱員.


1. 諾亞提到忠誠計劃. 梅利莎(Melissa)用這個想法介紹了另一個. 它是什麼?
2. 埃里克(Eric)介紹了與“關係等?」
3. 莎莉如何回應埃里克的新想法?

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  1. Having been a Premium Member of the BEP site for over 2 年份, this is my first comment here. This lesson is helpful just as tons of other lessons. Being a Premium Member surely has its valuefull access to all the downloadable course materials. It’s been great learning experience for me as the majority of the lesson content is useful and can be applied to real working environment. When I have time outside work, I often come here to brush up on my English and learn more expressions and vocabulary. This has been a great help to me so far though I still under-utilize the resources here. Highly recommended to everyone who wants to improve their English skills. Thank you for all the great


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