BEP 258 – 困難面試情況 1

歡迎回到Business English Pod,參加今天的課程 工作面試情況 和問題.

我們都知道面試很緊張. 我們都知道減輕壓力的關鍵之一就是做好準備. 但是有時, 無論我們準備得多麼充分, 我們發現自己處境艱難. 也許我們被要求談論一個弱點, 也許我們不了解有關我們正在面試的公司的重要信息.

無論我們面臨什麼面試困難, 我們需要深呼吸, 保持冷靜, 並表現出信心. 幸好, 我們可以學習語言技巧來幫助我們在艱難的面試中取得成功. 在今天的課程中, 我們將看看顯示積極因素如何導致弱點, 我們如何嘗試改變弱點, 以及我們如何成為團隊合作者. 我們還將著眼於展示一般的行業知識並提出好的問題.

今天我們將聽到兩個簡短的對話. 在第一, 我們會聽到Sara採訪一家大型零售連鎖店的買方職位. 她正在接受尼克的採訪. 在第二個對話框中, 我們會聽到西蒙面試以擔任銀行經理的職位. 夏琳正在接受他的採訪.


1. 薩拉對她的固執給出什麼理由?
2. 薩拉做了什麼改變她的固執?
3. 西蒙說他對銀行業有什麼了解?

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4 thoughts on “BEP 258 – Difficult Interview Situations 1

  1. i was very stressed in all my job interviews for that i fogot many words that i should say it and i lose my self confidence . Please, tell me what should i do?
    i didn’t get job for these reasons.

  2. You should apply and attend in job interview as much as possible, then you will be surprise about your interview skill by each time. Good luck!

  3. Self confidence is built with enough knowledge. Always research before presenting yourself for a job interview i.e. Understand the job description, read more about the company and keep your mind free of interview freight.

    Always you positive wording when responding to the questions and probe deep into your personal abilities and achievements you have had throughout your professional career. Go out there ready to prove your worth. Hope this helps. :)

  4. as not English-native speaker , I have to admit , English interview is more stressful than my mother language , I usually struggle with word choice and sentence structure ,worry about how to express thoughts correctly and sufficiently . impressed a lot by this article , even a short paragraph in simple chat. but it is a technique to turn tough question into positive quality and personality exhibition . great !
    always understand the reason why thy ask the question , and respond properly and probe deep into your personal abilities and achievements .

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