BEP 236 – 運氣和機會的英語成語 (1)

歡迎回到商務英語播客今天的課程 英語慣用語 與運氣和機會有關.

有些人運氣好, 有些人運氣不好, 有些人根本就沒有運氣. 但究竟什麼是運氣? 它有多重要? 一些成功的商人會告訴你,這很重要. Donald Trump has said that “everything in life is luck.” But other people will tell you that luck is just what happens to people who work hard. 實際上, there’s an old saying that luck is what happens when “preparation meets opportunity.”

機會是我們在商業中經常聽到的另一個詞和想法. 機會就是向我們走來的好機會. We can “seize” opportunities, 這意味著我們接受他們. 或者我們可以讓他們走. 我們如何利用機會完全取決於我們.

But whatever you think about luck and opportunity in business, they are both common ideas and words. And not just on their own, but as parts of common English idioms. And it’s these idioms of luck and opportunity that we’ll look at in today’s lesson.

You will hear a conversation between Jim and Oscar, two colleagues who are taking the bus home from work together. Jim and Oscar are chatting about their day and some recent developments in their office. 在他們的談話中, 你會注意到許多與運氣和機會有關的成語.


1. 奧斯卡對巴士的建議是什麼? 5:00下午?
2. Why does their colleague Ethan have “tough luck”?
3. 在對話框末尾, 奧斯卡似乎對吉姆有什麼建議?

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