BEP 216 – 英語內部面試 (1)

BEP 216 Lesson - Job Interview English: Switching Careers (1)

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on internal 英語面試.

You already have experience with interviews. You know the kinds of questions that are typically asked, and you’ve rehearsed your answers to those kinds of questions. But this is different. In an internal 英語面試, chances are you’re talking with someone you already know. And you’re talking about experiences they already know about. They know you too. That can make it more comfortable in some ways. You don’t have to break the ice and you probably understand the company’s priorities. But it can be more uncomfortable in other ways. You might not have talked in this way with these people before. And you won’t be able to exaggerate anything.

由於這些原因, you might need some different techniques. 您需要利用您對公司的了解和經驗作為優勢. 但同時, 你必須注意你的語言並保持很高的專業水平.

我們將在今天的課程中討論其中一些技術. 我們將介紹如何舉例說明您所做的積極改變, 以及如何承擔錯誤的責任. 我們還將了解如何使自己與外部候選人區分開來, 找出問題和解決方案, 並展現對專業發展的承諾.

在對話方塊中, 我們將聽到格雷厄姆面試一家軟體公司的管理職位. 他正在接受賽斯和米歇爾的採訪. You’ll notice right away that it sounds a bit different than a standard interview at a new company. Seth and Michelle have firsthand knowledge of what Graham has done and how he works.


1. What positive change did Graham make for the company?
2. How does Graham show he is committed to developing professionally?
3. What does Graham understand about the company that other candidates might not?

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