BEP 186 – 航空旅行: 轉機航班

歡迎回到 商務英語播客 as we continue to look at the language and vocabulary of air travel.

Air travel relies on a very complex system of scheduling. 不幸, that means that travel plans don’t always work perfectly. The possibility of problems goes up whenever you have one or more connecting flights. What if one airplane is late? What if your bags aren’t transferred properly to your next flight? What if the connecting airport has delays?

Problems happen, and you need to be prepared to deal with them. This is what we’ll be looking at in this lesson. 上次 (在 BEP 185), we heard Robert check in for a flight to London, with a connecting flight in Chicago. Everything went smoothly at check-in. Robert stated his destination, checked his bags, chose a seat, and confirmed his gate and timing. But his connecting flight was scheduled to leave soon after he arrived in Chicago. 由於這個原因, a delay in landing has ruined Robert’s travel plans.

Today we’ll hear Robert trying to work through the problem of a missed connection. He needs to work out a solution so that he can get to London for an important meeting the following morning. 要做到這一點, he’ll need to explain his problem, express urgency, make special requests, work through options, and agree reluctantly.


1. Why did Robert miss his connecting flight?
2. What solution does Robert request from the ticket agent?
3. What does the ticket agent remind Robert about?

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