VV 23 – 風險管理詞彙 (部分 2)

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這個 商務英語詞彙 本課是我們與風險管理相關的兩部分詞彙系列的第二部分. 在上一課中, 我們大致了解了風險管理. 今天, 我們將專注於風險管理計劃的過程.

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3 thoughts on “VV 23 – 風險管理詞彙 (部分 2)”

  1. Business English podcast is a very good program , I love it very much . I want to follow the new episode of it , but I think no new episode recently for a long time ?

  2. @Duran
    I couldn’t agree more.

    This episode is the latest and was just released last week.
    I just hope the audio-only version (mp3) is attached to this post as well.

  3. Mohammad Abdul Awal

    When we’re going to get later version of this fantastic and excellent business english lesson?


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