BEP 148 – 如何要求加薪 (2)

這是兩部分中的第二部分 Business English Pod series on how to ask for a pay raise.

Asking for a pay raise is a two-step process. Before any discussion of compensation begins, it’s important to state your case and demonstrate why you deserve a raise. Let your boss know of your achievements and your value to the company.

The second part involves negotiating. This is the time to start talking about specific numbers and benefits, but it must be handled diplomatically. You’ll need to outline what you want, acknowledge the other party’s concerns and bargain for the best deal.

在最後一集中, we listened to Ryan, a salesman at an industrial supply company called Pylon, present his case to his boss, Jacob. Ryan pointed out that his relationship with Alliance Builders brought in more sales overall. He also took on some web design work in addition to his sales duties. 現在, Ryan and Jacob are ready to start negotiating Ryan’s compensation.


1. How much does Ryan think he should receive for the web design work? Why?
2. Why can’t Jacob give Ryan the amount of money he wants?
3. What do Jacob and Ryan agree to in regard to Alliance Builders?

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