BEP 122 – 談判: 克服障礙

In this episode of our ongoing Business English Podcast series on business negotiations in English, we will discuss how to overcome blockage in a negotiation.

Usually we think of blockage in terms of stumbling blocks, or obstacles, to agreement. But blockage can also be any impediment to creating maximum value. 換句話說, we’re not only interested in removing obstacles to a deal but also in removing obstacles to a better deal. Doing this successfully often requires thinking outside the box, 那是, thinking creatively.

So in this episode, we’ll study overcoming barriers. 尤其, we’ll focus on identifying stumbling blocks, exploring alternatives, and moving towards agreement.

Recall that Peter, owner of Textacular, has been trying to buy Maxine’s company, 賭棍, as part of his strategy to roll up other small businesses. His ultimate goal is to increase the value of his own operation so he can sell it to a larger company for a handsome profit. In previous episodes, Peter had tried to acquire Maxine’s company, but talks reached an impasse when Maxine wouldn’t climb down from or reduce her price of 15 百萬.

在今天的聆聽中, Peter calls Maxine back to restart talks. 當你聽, focus on the language they use to remove obstacles to agreement.


1. How does Peter suggest restarting talks with Maxine?
2. What does Peter identifying as the main stumbling block to a deal?
3. What does Peter mean when he says, “It’s not a question of growth for us, it’s a question of survival.
4. What is Peter’s key insight that enables Maxine and him to overcome their blockage?

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  1. I have just bought the premium account. I am really satisfied with the materials here. Thank you for the great job!

    The only question is why are the online activities not all in the flash version (like I was provided while using the free trial version) but in the old-style HTML? I expected that minimum the activities to the new E-Books like Succeessful Job Interviews would be in a Flash. The HTML version is not so motivating as the modern flash version;-( Or do I have just to click somewhere here to use the flash version?

  2. Sofia,

    We share your enthusiasm for the new Flash activities and we’re working on converting all existing activities to this new format.

    然而, as noted in the link, the activities for BEP 122 are just a preview. We will start converting the rest later this month and estimate this work will take at least 4-5 months to complete (有結束 700 活動).

    As you mentioned, we will start with the eBooksthe new negotiations series will actually be first, followed by jobs, 簡報 & 會議.

    As the new activities become available we will be sure to notify all members and provide links.

    Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

  3. Thanks a lot for your feedback. I am glad to hear that you are working on that issue. I am sure this is very important for the success of your website. It is like eating the best food from an ugly plate…. But I know that the food on your site is very good and healthy for my Business English skills and would eat it further. Looking forward to using the beautiful plate as soon as possible… ;-)

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