BEP 86 – 英語面試: 談論成就 (1)

BEP 86 - business english interview

這是兩部分中的第一部分 商務英語播客 系列上 talking about your accomplishments. It is one of an ongoing sequence of podcasts that focus on the job interview process.

Along with your previous experience, your greatest accomplishment is one of the topics that is sure to come up in almost any job interview. This question appears in a variety of forms: What was your proudest achievement? What was your most significant accomplishment? What do you consider to be your greatest success?

No matter how it’s asked, you should be ready with a reply. Interviewers want to hear about something important that you handled. Pick an achievement that is significant to you and that is rich in detail. These two qualities will make it easy to provide examples, which is the main theme of this series.

在本課中, we’ll be listening to a bad and good version of a recent graduate discussing his greatest accomplishment. We’ll focus on language for providing examples of the positive personal characteristics that our previous success demonstrates. 然後, in Part 2 of this series, we’ll hear another good example of someone with more job experience, and we’ll examine a four-part structure for telling our success stories.

第一的, let’s quickly review the bad example. We’ll go back to Alexander’s interview with Michael in the electronics store. 當你聽, consider the following questions. Then we’ll examine the answers in the debrief.


1. Does Alex put his success into an organized, articulate story?
2. Does he present his accomplishment in a way that provides examples of skills and qualities that will be useful at his new job?

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