BEP 41 – 求職面試英語: 第一輪面試 (部分 2)

這是針對第一輪工作面試的商務英語Pod課程(分為兩部分)的第二部分. 學習如何回答常見的面試問題以及有用的短語和詞彙 英語工作面試.

您會記得第一集, 邁克·巴恩斯(Mike Barnes)正在採訪第一商業國際香港總部的威廉·週(William Chow)。, 一家全球銀行. 威廉剛告訴麥克關於他的工作經歷, 管理風格和個人特徵. 我們的人力資源經理, 麥克風, 繼續採訪另一個非常常見的第一輪問題. 讓我們看看它是什麼,然後考慮如何回答這個問題?

下載有用的面試短語的PDF列表,以描述您的個人特徵 這裡.


BEP 41: Study Notes

Download: Podcast MP3

9 thoughts on “BEP 41 – 求職面試英語: 第一輪面試 (部分 2)”

  1. I really enjoyed visiting the site and having been learning a lot
    Thanks for making it

  2. Hi Anuj,

    Job interviews are definitely a popular topic and were planning to do more podcasts on different types of interviews. These are in the development stage and should be released later in the summer.

    In the meantime, I suggest you listen to BEP 40 & 41 a couple times morethere’s a lot of useful language in these for job interviews.

    Keep in touch!


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  4. Greetings from PRC! This website is really of great help! Hope to meet some friends here to learn business english together!

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