BEP 31 – 會議: 接受和拒絕建議

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商務英語課 is the second part of a two-part series on making, rejecting and accepting suggestions in English. 在第一集中, we looked at how to make suggestions. 在這一集, we’ll cover appropriate ways to reject and accept suggestions in English. Accept means to agree to a suggestion and reject means to disagree.

您會記得, the listening takes place at a sports shoe company called Stratos. You’ll be listening to Karen, a marketing manager, meet with three members of her team, Charles, Sven and Miguel. They are choosing a celebrity spokesperson for a new product.

*** 這節課是我們的一部分 商務英語電子書 會議: 會議要點. 高級會員 點擊這裡下載 完整的電子書.

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