Skills 360 – Socializing 1: Meeting New People

English for Socializing - Meeting New People (1)

Welcome back to the Business English Skills 360 podcast for today’s lesson on socializing and meeting new people.

For some, meeting new people seems to come very naturally. But for most of us, it can be a bit awkward, or intimidating, to walk into a room full of strangers and try to strike up a conversation. Knowing that it’s important to network doesn’t make it easy. And with the return to some sort of normalcy in many countries, there’s even more pressure to beef up our social skills. So where to start?

In this Business English Skills 360 lesson, we’ll look at five ways to boost your confidence and make socializing in English more comfortable:

1. Change your mindset
2. Ask questions
3. Find common areas of interest
4. Make it easy to participate in the conversation
5. Be genuine

Lesson Resources: Lesson Module | Quiz & Vocab | PDF Transcript

Download: Podcast MP3

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