925 Lekcja angielskiego 15 – Jak rozmawiać o swojej rodzinie

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W dzisiejszym 925 lekcja angielskiego, we’re going to learn how to talk about your family in English.

W biznesie, and in life, everything is about relationships. And to build relationships, we often talk about our background and our personal life. Oczywiście, you can’t get too personal, but family is a topic that everyone loves to discuss. For most people, family is the reason they work so hard in the first place!

925 język angielski is a new series of English lessons for beginners. 925 English lessons focus on English expressions that you can use in work and business. Każdy 925 English lesson features English phrases and expressions you can use in different situations and tips on why and how we use them in Angielski biznesowy.

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