BEP 134 – Podróżuj po angielsku: Korzystanie z Internetu w kawiarni

For many people, visiting a café or coffee shop is a normal part of business travel, if not everyday life. Not only are coffee shops a good place to get a cup of espresso, they are also a great location to have a quick meeting with a customer, take a short break, i – most importantly for the business travelerget online to check your email. Many cafés are now equipped with WiFi, or wireless internet. So while you sip on your latte or your mocha, you can surf the web and keep connected.

But despite people’s attempts to make WiFi services user-friendly, or easy to use, they are sometimes difficult to connect to. Tak więc w tej lekcji, we’ll not only look at ordering coffee, we’ll also practice troubleshooting an internet connection.

Na dzisiejszą lekcję, we’ll be rejoining our friend Honesto as he stops by a coffee shop at the airport. We’ll hear to Honesto ordering a drink and attempting to connect to the café’s WiFi. Jak słuchasz, spróbuj odpowiedzieć na następujące pytania.

Pytania do słuchania

1) What kind of drink does Honesto order?
2) Whatdealdoes the coffee shop offer Honesto?
3) Why can’t he get online?

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