BEP 32 ADV – Spotkania: Burza mózgów & Omawianie pomysłów

In this Business English Podcast lesson we take another look at the language used to suggest and discuss ideas in meetings and teleconferences. We’ll also provide further language for diplomatic disagreement and agreeing action points at the end of the meeting.

The teleconference is run by Jim as a type of meeting called a “Brainstorming” meeting, which is useful for gathering and openly discussing ideas as the format is more relaxed.

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5 thoughts on “BEP 32 ADV – Spotkania: Burza mózgów & Omawianie pomysłów”

  1. jaaeh /Thailand

    My English is poor. So i want to develope my skill . This web is very useful for me.Thank you very much. I’ll try to practice its.

  2. Fantastic job guys. I am French and living in the UK, your podcasts are really what I needed. Not only I learn great vocabulary and expressions for work, but also business tips, I really like the blend of both. Keep going! I will think about suggestions for future podcasts. Charles

  3. Thanks for excellent podcast series. I shared the podcast with our office in Russia.

    The podcasts on meetings have helped a lot.

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