BEP 17 – Spotkania: Wspieranie twojego stanowiska (Część I)

*** This podcast has been updated with a new two-part series.***

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BEP 17 (Redux) – Część 1
BEP 17 (Redux) – Część 2

In the first part of our series on making and supporting your arguments in meetings, obejmujemy kluczowy język angielski używany do porządkowania myśli i wspierania twoich pomysłów. In later episodes we’ll look deeper into the topic and provide further examples of language you can use to support your position.

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6 thoughts on “BEP 17 – Spotkania: Wspieranie twojego stanowiska (Część I)”

  1. I am very interesting to english language as soon as possible in order to speak fluently. I met several obstacles to learn english before I got this website which helps me to improve my learning quickly.
    thanks for

  2. I really appreciate your lesson.
    So usefull for beginer as I am.
    Dodatkowo, the speaking is so clear and the debit so relevant for a lesson.
    Wielkie dzięki.

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