BEP 55 INT – 비즈니스 여행: 공항 출발 및 이륙

This Business English Podcast lesson is the first in a series of shows that will follow an employee of a manufacturing company on a training trip to the U.S. Over the series, we’ll practice many situations that will be useful for you on your business trips overseas, including going through immigration, renting a car, checking into a hotel, using wireless internet and so on.

The main character in our story is Alan Chen. He works for a major multinational electronics manufacturer, 주변, which is headquartered in Michigan in the USA. Having recently received a promotion, Alan is going to America to learn 6 Sigma, which is a system for improving quality.

Today’s episode starts at the beginning of the business trip withboarding the airplane.

Listening Quiz:

1) What row are Alan and Honesto sitting in?
2) What should passengers turn off before the plane takes off?
3) What does Alan mean bymurder a scotch.

BEP 55: 연구 노트.

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  2. Hi, I appreciate a lot the content of this material. Whereas am desperately looking for some stuff concerning airport announcements. Can someone give me a hint how to get them? Thanks in advance.

    Best regards

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